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  1. Sign up for a free Pornhub account to interact with me via comments on my content. I do not check my inbox on pornhub but I read every single one of my comments and I make the effort to respond to as many of them as possible. I typically respond to 100% of my profile and video comments.

    If you’d like to make a tribute photo or video for me, feel free to drop the link to it on my wall so I can check it out and add it to my tributes playlist or favorite photos. All other links will be removed.

  2. Follow me on Twitter to interact with my tweets or tweet @AylaEXPOSED.
My DMs are always open to other sex workers. I love helping people out when I can, and I love making new friends. If you’re a sex worker, feel free to say hi!
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You can also visit me on when I go live there! Nood is in beta mode and does not yet have a profile or follow option. Follow me on Twitter for Nood announcements!

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Visit me on CuriousCat to ask me questions anonymously. This is not for presale questions (see above)
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