Hey there, Stranger!
Incase you haven’t guessed, my name is Ayla.

Despite what you may think from poking around my site, I’m a shy, soft-spoken exhibitionist from Boston, MA. While I can’t claim to have always been happy with my body, I’ve always loved showing it off, and doing so has brought me to a greater level of body acceptance and personal happiness.

On October 1st 2013, I quit my day job as a barista, and joined the adult entertainment community. There were many reasons, but ultimately I didn’t feel like I was doing anything meaningful. I was tired of working for people who didn’t appreciate me, and I was tired of jeopardizing my health and suppressing my personality for the sake of a job. I wanted to meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life– and I wanted to see if I could bring them a tiny bit of happiness or pleasure.

My goal now is to build a happy and healthy life for myself doing just that.

So if you’re just here to see me wiggle my butt, that’s absolutely okay! Check out my photos and videos and enjoy my content thoroughly. If you’d like to get to know me personally–well, you’ve also come to the right place. Check out my blog to keep up to date on what’s going on in my life and in my mind, come visit me when I’m streaming live, leave me some comments on Pornhub, or consider signing up for a Membership to chat with me privately over email. I absolutely love getting to know my fans and I’ve made some really great friends that way.


NAME: Ayla Ex
BIRTHDAY: December 1st 1991
ETHNICITY: Jamaican & African American
RELATIONSHIP: Open/Polyamorous
HEIGHT: 5’6″ or 168cm
WEIGHT: 150lbs or 68kg

Want to know more? Ask Me Anything


But who are you?
Ahh yes, the age-old question. I’m still growing and exploring and learning who I am– and with this site, I invite you to join me on the journey. But this is what I do know: I am a dreamer with a love for plants, and animals, and people, and food, and books, and art, and dance, and pleasure. I’m naturally curious, soft-spoken, wiggly, and caring. I love to learn and explore and self-reflect and grow, and I’ll be doing a lot of that on my Blog as time goes on to get to know myself even better.
Are you in a relationship?
No, and I plan on staying single for the rest of my life!
I am polyamorous and I still have very strong and intimate relationships, but I’m not interested in being anyone’s girlfriend. I am my own person. If I love you, that should be enough. Labels and compromises are overrated. I’m living my life to the fullest, bb! Take me as I am or find someone better suited for your needs.
How long have you had your locs?
I started my locs on November 8, 2018. It’s been:

When will you post your new video to Pornhub?
New videos will be posted to Pornhub no sooner than 1.5 months after they’ve been uploaded to AylaEXPOSED.com and Manyvids, and some videos may take even longer than that. If you’d like me to let you know when the video has been posted to Pornhub, leave a comment on the Pornhub trailer and I will respond as soon as it’s up. Purchasing downloads from Manyvids or signing up for a Membership is a really great way to support me and show me that you appreciate my hard work. Please consider doing so if you “just can’t wait to see my new video”. It would really mean the world to me!